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Particle\Validator is a small and elegant validation library, with an extremely clean API which makes validation fun!

Quick usage example

use Particle\Validator\Validator;

$validator = new Validator;
$validator->required('first_name')->lengthBetween(2, 30)->alpha();
$validator->required('last_name')->lengthBetween(2, 40)->alpha();

    'last_name' => [
        LengthBetween::TOO_LONG => 'Your name is too long.'

$data = [
    'first_name' => 'John',
    'last_name' => 'Doe',

$result = $validator->validate($data);
$result->isValid(); // bool(true)

Why Particle\Validator?

Validation - when done right - will increase the usability of your software, as it will give descriptive error messages to a user. Additionally, it will make sure your data is consistent, effectively lowering the number of bugs in your software.

A good portion of the development time of every software project is being spent on writing validation rules. As such, it would make sense to want a validation library that has the following design goals:

  • A clear API, so you understand it just by looking at it, and adding a rule is a breeze.
  • IDE-supported code-completion, so you don't have to look at documentation to write a rule.
  • Well-documented, so that if you do go to the documentation, you don't have to search for long.
  • Extensible, so you can simply add your own rules, and error messages.
  • Well-tested, so that you're absolutely sure that you can rely on the validation rules.
  • Zero dependencies, so that you can use it in any PHP project.

Although there are many validation libraries out there, they seem to lack in one or more of the above design goals.